Cortner, Craig Allen

Craig Allen Cortner III 7/21/1990 - 8/3/2019 My Son, Wishing you the Most Grand 30th Birthday Ever! Son, as I lay awake nightly thinking about how special you are to me, your children and our family, I can't help but cry and smile at the same time. As I reminisce on your 29 years here on this earth all of my memories of you come rushing through my mind at once, and it brings the biggest smile to my face. One of my most fondest memories is hearing you say "My Mom", as only you and your brothers could. Being Your Mom is the greatest honor God could have given to me. You are truly loved, missed and we are all blessed to be a part of your life. As God holds you close, as I wish I could right now, and the two of you take the rest of this journey together, I will continue to hold close to me all of the precious memories you have left here with me on Earth. Thanks for being My Child. Rest Easy My Love, Remembering You is Always Easy Loving You Always. Love Your Mom