Cortner, Craig Allen

Craig Allen Cortner III

7/21/1990 - 8/3/2019

Screaming Happy 32nd Birthday to My First Born Son!

No words can explain how I miss you. How I wish I could see you enjoying your day. Waking up in another state, eating dinner, shopping until our legs were tired and just simply enjoying life as we always have. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that you're no longer physically here on earth with us. I often have to take a break from this thing called life, just to grasp my thoughts and deal with the ongoing pain, frustration and anger I'm feeling because you're not here. I'm looking around, but I'm unable to see. I'm engaging in conversations, but I can't hear. My nights are sleepless as I'm still waking up at 2am, 3am, 5am waiting for the alarm to announce that the garage door has been opened from you coming home. Your three children bring me a great sense of peace. They all remind me of you in their own special ways. They truly miss you and I wish I could see you being the Great Father you were to them. Since you're physically no longer here, I vow, every plan we discussed for them and their lives, I will follow thru to the end. Though I can't give them that fatherly love you have always been there to show them, I can keep your presence and memories alive. I will love them as I do you and your brothers, today and forever. A son's first true love is his mother, and a mother's true first love is her sons. With those words I hold tight to my heart as I constantly reminisce on your 29 years physically here with me. Life is not the same without you here. Your children, your brothers, family and friends all miss you deeply.

Happy Birthday Son!

I'm deeply in love with being your mom. Rest easy son.

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