Stressed out? Maybe it’s time to switch to one of these careers

If you find yourself stressed out because of your job, you may want to consider a career in sonography.

Diagnostic medical sonographer was rated the least stressful job in 2018 by job search website CareerCast.

The ranking is based on 11 workplace stress factors, like how much travelling the job requires, the physical demands of the job, deadlines and competitiveness. When calculating the score of 200 careers, points were added together from all 11 categories.

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Career and money-related issues are the two leading causes of stress, according to the American Psychological Association's 2017 report.

Least stressful jobs of 2018

1. Diagnostic medical sonographer

2. Hair stylist

3. Audiologist

4. Professor

5. Medical records technician

6. Compliance officer

7. Jeweler

8. Pharmacy technician

9. Operations research analyst

10. Medical laboratory technician

These scores, CareerCast said, only reflect a typical stress profile for a job. Stress can vary greatly from individual to individual.

On the other end of the spectrum is 2018’s most stressful job: enlisted military personnel.

This is because of the dangerous conditions and the threat of loss of life those individuals face.

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