What people are saying about raising Ohio’s gas tax

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Gov. Mike DeWine will ask lawmakers today to approve an 18-cent per gallon increase in the state’s gasoline tax, which currently stands at 28-cents.

An 18-cent increase would raise $1.2 billion a year to fix the state’s roads and bridges.

People are split on the issue. Many say they don’t want any new taxes and the state should find other solutions. Others say it’s worth it to fix infrastructure in the state.

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Here’s a look at some of the comments on our Facebook page:

Shannon Rea: NO WAY. It is not our fault that none of them know what a real budget is, and how to work within it. That is on them. They need to change.

Phyllis Bashor: To maintain and improve our roads and bridges, yes.

Debbie Mattachione: No. Put tax on cigarettes and alcohol.

Jerry Finklea: Add a tax for electric cars, they use the roads but don’t pay gas tax that’s for road repairs.
Greg Stephens: If I can be shown that the money will go to improving the infrastructure, then I might be on board.
Cheryl Young: If the money actually goes to fixing our roads and bridges then ok.
John P. T. Gordon: Not by 10 cents as being discussed, but maybe 5 cents.
Steven Richardson: No because they take the money and use it for stuff they shouldn’t be spending it on.
Christopher Donohoe: No. Their are others options. Before we have any new increases then show us where the current money has went. After all the taxes we pay already how in the hell is the state broke?
Mark Hutchins: I feel there’s nothing wrong with an increase as long as they have a practical plan to use the money. I trust Mike DeWine more than I do the government of the city of Dayton.
Richard Mayer: Maybe we can charge by how many miles you drive. Would more fair, but how would you make that work.
Marilyn Baker Sommer: Yes. Easiest way to get necessary road funds. Everyone who uses the roads needs to pay equally, and this would do it.
Timothy Woodard: Whatever it takes to improve the condition of the roads.
Bonnie DuFour Johnson: Too much for taxes in this state already. Moving here with my husband’s job was a bad choice. Taxes here are insane.
Beverly Smith-Whitman: No! We already have to pay taxes for schools and police protection. My question is what are they doing with all of the tax we pay?

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