I-TEAM: State workers cash in on unused leave

Ohio Statehouse

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Ohio Statehouse

The state of Ohio and area counties spent tens of millions of dollars last year paying departing public workers for unused sick and vacation leave, an I-Team investigation found.

FULL REPORT: Taxpayers on hook for $444M in unused state worker leave

More than 100 employees — most of them at the state level — pocketed more than $40,000 apiece for accumulated leave time that was cashed out when they left.

The state paid another $33 million to workers cashing out unused leave but staying on the job.

These payouts are a perk available to few in the private sector, the I-Team found.

Conservative groups say the state’s ailing budget can no longer afford to continue these practices. The current tab for accumulated leave by state employees is about $444 million.

Advocates for employees say the payments are fair considering other benefits public employees don’t get.

Go here for the full investigation, including who the top payout recipients were in state and area governments.

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