Ohio lawmakers react to bomb packages sent to Clintons, Obamas, others

Bombs and other suspicious packages targeting Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama and CNN were intercepted Wednesday in a rash of attacks.

A similar device was found Monday at the New York compound of liberal billionaire George Soros, a major contributor to Democratic causes.

Explosive devices: Packages sent to Clintons, Obamas, CNN, others

There have been no reports of suspicious packages delivered to Ohio leaders or the statehouse.

Here’s what some members of Congress and the Senate had to say about Wednesday’s events:

Congressman Mike Turner, R-Dayton

“I’m extremely concerned about these suspicious packages. I was just on CNN Newsroom live in CNN’s New York studio with Poppy Harlow a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad to hear that the CNN team is safe and I commend their continuous and professional reporting throughout this incident. While we don’t yet know how these suspicious packages are all connected, whoever has sent these packages needs to be held accountable. We cannot and will not accept terrorism, which it appears this is. I want to thank the New York Police Department, Secret Service, FBI, and all first responders who place their lives at risk to keep us safe every day. I am thankful that so far no one has been injured.”

Washington Insider Jamie Dupree: Lawmakers condemn attempted mail attacks

Congressman Warren Davidson, R-Troy

“Those who have used dangerous rhetoric, calling for a rejection of civility, appeal to and perhaps inspire those who would cross the line and engage in violence. I reject those voices, condemn these violent acts, and prayerfully ask that we return to the civil discourse and first amendment protections that have built our country and united us as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, on Twitter

Grateful to @SecretService and first responders for their quick response to the suspicious packages delivered to home of former presidents and First Ladies Clinton & Obama, CNN and George Soros.

Statement from Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office

“Senator Brown applauds the swift response of the Secret Service and all law enforcement and he is grateful no one has been hurt.

Our office follows security protocol outlined by Capitol Police. Senator Brown is grateful to Capitol Police and local law enforcement for all they do to keep our staff and Ohioans visiting our offices safe.”

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