Kasich addresses ISIS threat, calls for no-fly zone, broad coalition

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday laid out his plan to take on ISIS and what his national security strategy would be if he was elected president.

Kasich said ISIS lives “a darkness devoid of even the basic understanding of humanity.”

“They see no values in their own lives let alone others,” Kasich said about ISIS terrorists.

Kasich also said that the U.S. must arm the Kurds and help them fight ISIS on the ground. He also said “we must create safe-havens protected by no-fly zones.” These would protect refugees he said.

Here are some highlights of his address:

* Advocates for stronger NATO presence in Syria. “air campaign on its own is not enough.”

* Takes on Russia. Says it’s “a threat” to European security.

* Said allies need to be expected to “pull their weight” on fighting terror.

* Says troops and NATO forces needed to fight ISIS on the ground. “You can bomb them till doomsday. It’s simply not going to work.”

Kasich was speaking at the National Press Club in Washington.

ExploreKasich told the Fox Business network on Monday that Ohio will not take in any Syrian refugees for security reasons.

“There is no way that we can put any of our people at risk,” he said. “Should anybody come in here before the end of the year? The answer to that should be no. We should not jeopardize our people. And so it’s not just an issue of the heart. It’s also an issue of the head.”

Jim Lynch, a spokesman for Kasich, said the governor will call on Obama stop allowing the refugees into the country. “The governor is writing to the President to ask him to stop, and to ask him to stop resettling them in Ohio. We are also looking at what additional steps Ohio can take to stop resettlement of these refugees.”

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