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John Kasich moves on to campaign in Maryland

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he believes the Republican race will be "deadlocked" forcing an open convention in Cleveland in July.

Kasich made the remarks in Annapolis, Maryland, on the evening of the New York primary. Maryland holds its primary next Tuesday.

Former Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich attended the event. He says Kasich's resume "reflects what the country needs right now."


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Kasich mocked Trump for making nearly impossible-to-keep promises, such as saying he would bring steel back to Pittsburgh. “Everyone in Pittsburgh is going to be a billionaire,” he riffed, seemingly mocking Trump. “I’m not going to tell you how I’ll do it, I’m just telling you. And by the way, everyone here is going to own their own hotel.”

He said the other alternative – a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders presidency – would be worse.

“A $19 trillion debt will be $30 trillion,” he said.

In Maryland, New Day for America, a super PAC supporting Kasich, is running a half a million dollar ad buy and has two offices. The super PAC has three offices in Pennsylvania.

Kasich was also asked about an anecdote that has bedeviled him on the trail: Early on, he said he’d like to eliminate the teacher’s lounge.

Asked Tuesday to clarify, he said that unions that are “hostile” “pound the teachers down,” bringing down morale.

“What I’m thinking - I mean, not literally, but figuratively - is if they didn’t have those lounges where people where just making them try to feel bad like they were going lose their job, their benefits, their pay and everything else, then it would be better.”

Maryland is one of five states voting April 26: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Delaware also vote that day.

Earlier in the day, Kasich was greeted by a crowd of about 200 people outside an old haunt, the Original Oyster House, which is Pittsburgh’s oldest restaurant and bar.

Before munching on a favorite, a fish sandwich with ketchup and hot sauce, Kasich recalled his roots in nearby McKees Rocks, a 20-minute drive away, with his story perhaps resonating more than usual because these people know where he is from.

“Pittsburgh values are where everyone takes care of everybody else,” Kasich told them. “I was always taught to believe neighbors matter.”