Probate Court for June 18


Marriage Licenses

Joshua Lee Hall, 20, of 2703 Dwight Road, Lot 17, lumper, to Carrie Briana Litteral, 20, of 2703 Dwight Road, Lot 17, cashier.

Todd Warren Hirtzinger, 24, of 1608 Uplands Drive, refurbishment specialist, to Kacie Leanne Lewis, 22, of Columbus, project analyst.

James Everett Upton Jr., 53, of 2581 S. Limestone St., laborer, to Monica Ann May, 56, of 2581 S. Limestone St.

Amante O’Neal Howard, 20, of Huber Heights, U.S. Navy, to Brandi Lyn Taylor, 21, of 120 Willis Ave., student.

Steven Allen Meadows II, 27, of 219 Seever St., laborer, to Brittany Lee Stone, 23, of 219 Seever St., laborer.

Steven Allen Summers, 19, of 1045 Farlow St., to Lindsey Arlene Paul, 18, of 1045 Farlow St.

Michael Elmer Adkins, 51, of 3131 Erter Drive, machine maintenance, to Janice Louise Foster, 48, of 3131 Erter Drive, environmental tech.

Michael James Joseph Brumfield, 36, of 2148 Green Knoll Drive, diesel mechanic, to Michelle Doreen Burke, 39, of 2148 Green Knoll Drive, dental assistant.

Alexander Edward-Jay Cattell, 21, of 1015B E. Home Road, Gordon Foods warehouse employee, to Amanda Ilene Michele Leece, 19, of 1015B E. Home Road.

Davin Emanuell Craycraft, 24, of 201 ½ Zischler St., health care provider, to Hannah Elizabeth Aldridge, 23, of 21 E. Home Road, athletic trainer.


Estate of Ollie K. Travis; Ira L. Travis, fiduciary; gross estate, $80,113.46.

Estate of Marjorie L. Laybourne; Donald E. Laybourne, fiduciary; gross estate, $45,666.24.

Estate of Winifred A. Steiner; Judy Ann Miller, fiduciary; gross estate, $147,795.88.


Estate of Donna M. Hunter; Denise Kay Fenner appointed executor; estimated estate, $50,000.

Estate of Helen L. Wagner; Robin G. Ault appointed executor; estimated estate, $100,000.