Where do you like to eat?

Hungry? You’ve got plenty of options.

A news story on our website by Jim Dillon takes a look the booming local restaurant market, and asks whether a bust may be just around the corner of the next fast-food joint.

“New chain restaurants are pouring into the Dayton area, bringing more dining choices and jobs with them, but also initiating what could become a heated battle for survival,” he writes. “Dayton is a good example of what’s happening throughout the nation. Chains, eager to grow sales, are targeting new markets as the economy improves and tastes change. And as often happens when new players enter a market, the competition heats up and some players fail or leave, industry observers said.

“The new players will compete with such established chains, (and) a shakeout is inevitable, said Tom Kaiser, assistant editor of the Franchise Times, a trade magazine.”

So — sign of a healthy economy, or something else? Do you prefer chains, or locally owned eateries? Drop me a note at rrollins@coxohio.com.