TODAY’S MODERATOR: Suing drug companies for the crisis

When blame is cast in the nation’s opioid epidemic, the list of usual suspects includes dealers, addicts, social ills. But now officials are pointing elsewhere.

"The city of Dayton on Monday announced it is filing a 233-page lawsuit against more than a dozen drug companies, distributors and physicians for allegedly causing the opiate epidemic in the state," staff writer Cornelius Frolik reports. "Dayton becomes the first city in Ohio to file a suit against drug makers and distributors for their alleged role in the drug crisis, though the city of Lorain is expected to sue, and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine already has filed a civil action against five companies.

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“The city of Dayton claims drug companies and distributors engaged in an industry-wide campaign to mislead the public and consumers about the risks and benefits of opiate medications, similar to how cigarette manufacturers for years tried to conceal the health dangers of smoking,” Frolik writes. Several companies deny the accusations.

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