TODAY’S MODERATOR: Get ready for pizza by robot

That sound you heard a few days ago was the future arriving at your front door.

Our staff writer Lynn Hulsey reported last week: "If things pan out the pizza dude bringing you your hot slices could be a compact little robot that looks pretty much like a cooler on wheels.

PERSPECTIVE: When comedy meets politics, things can happen

"The Ohio Senate version of the state budget authorizes the use of a 'personal delivery device' that is electrically powered and 'intended to transport property on sidewalks and crosswalks.' Known as a PDD, the device cannot weigh more than 90 pounds or go faster than 10 miles per hour, quite a bit slower than those pizza delivery cars you sometimes see tearing down your street," she wrote. "The business operating it would have to follow all local regulations and actively control or monitor it as it buzzes down the sidewalk, according to the Senate budget language.

“Robots made by London-based Starship Technologies are already delivering pizzas in Washington, D.C., and other states are looking at making it legal for them to be on public sidewalks, according to a March NPR story.”

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