TODAY’S MODERATOR: CCW and confrontations

Another reader responded to comments from a concealed-carry gunowner this week.

"The gentleman is obviously a very calm and sober person," he writes. "But that's the problem with CCW and stand-your-ground. The comments we hear are all about 'I'm sober and responsible and calm, and may be confronted by someone who isn't.' (People who cut others off on the road probably complain about being cut off on the road.)

“We males are genetically disposed to protect and defend, and when confronted by another male are disposed to raise our colorful tail feathers and make loud noises. And confrontations are common — especially when alcohol is involved, often a slight or even unintentional misstep, or a few words to someone’s female companion, can become a ‘confrontation.’ And that ‘sober, responsible and calm’ citizen may quickly revert to his genetic predisposition.

PERSPECTIVE: Hair? Heck, who needs it?

“In every confrontation between two CCW stand-your-ground males there are only two possible outcomes: Either one has to back down or someone gets shot. I don’t see any other possibilities.”

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