New law: Give bikes 3 feet

I once heard an acquaintance laughingly brag that he was annoyed with the fact that he, as a driver, was expected to make way for cyclists — and that in fact, he’d recently driven so close to a cyclist that the two-wheeler had to veer off the road. He thought it was a big joke, and couldn’t understand why nobody else thought it was funny.

I think of that nearly every time I drive past someone on a bicycle. I was glad to see in the big stack of end-of-session bills that landed recently on Gov. John Kasich’s desk was one that requires Ohio motorists passing a cyclist to leave at least three feet of clearance between their vehicle and a bike. Kasich signed it into law on Monday.

Previously, drivers had to leave safe distance. Now it’s spelled out. Some cities, such as Dayton, already had the three-foot rule. Dayton has also in recent years gone to some effort to establish clearly marked bike lanes on many of its main streets, especially downtown.

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