Middletown High School student Jasmynn Thomas, right, holds a picture of Parkland shooting victim Carmen Schentrup as students at Middletown High School participated in events Wednesday, March 14 as part of National Walk Out efforts to commemorate the deaths of 17 students who died from gunfire at a Parkland, Fla. high school. Students filled the Wade E. Miller Arena and 17 students read biographies of those killed in the Parkland school shooting. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

Here’s what you said about the student walkout

Matt Klontz: They should all be punished … detention or suspension. They have a right to protest but they should have done that before or after school. They have no Constitutional “right” to disrupt class time and the school day.

Matt Atha: It’s the same thing as teachers that went on strike years ago for better wages. They interrupted the start of the school year because they felt change needed to happen.

Lisa Brown: They also have a right to a safe school environment.

Paul Arnold: And these children that you spit on/As they try to change their worlds/Are immune to your consultations/They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.

Steven Cornelli: The beauty of this is that even faced with detentions or suspensions, they would still choose to walk out and be noticed/heard. We’re talking about something that’s worth the risk, worth the consequence. That’s kind of the point.

Tom Batsche: If they are our future we are totally screwed, since most of them don’t care why they are walking out, and are the ones eating (detergent) pods for a social media status like.

Gena Hoover Tamaska: Disruption is the whole point. It brings the attention needed. Wake up! If grown folks had already taken care of business, they wouldn’t be walking out.

Toby Tietge: Why does everyone always blame guns? Nobody ever blames alcohol. Nobody ever blames the car. Nobody blames the knife. They only blame the gun. It is correct is to blame the people who commit the act — but that doesn’t create drama and outrage for the left to further their political agenda.

Edward Isch: And what exactly is this going to accomplish other than making kids look like tools?

Anita Cotterman Wagner: What does this accomplish? How many students simply walked out to leave class? And after 17 minutes of missing classes will they be permitted to just walk back in the classroom, disrupting the students who chose to stay there and actually learn something? Why not do this during their lunch period, so that no classes are disrupted? Perhaps missing a meal would make some difference to them.

Linda Miller: Anything that brings social awareness to these students is well worth it.

Tony Rome: Remember, students have a First Amendment right to protest, just like anybody else. The landmark Tinker v. Des Moines case pretty much settled that legal question. In it, the Supreme Court ruled students don’t “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.”

Marsha Moore Gaier: The kids walked out in remembrance of ALL students who have been killed in school, not for gun control. Why should they do it before or after school or during lunch when the kids that were killed didn’t get a “choice” when they would be shot? They should not be punished for walking out so they could show compassion for all that were killed. We all have rights and these kids are just expressing theirs. My grandkids walked out today … two at Fairmont High School, one at Van Buren Middle School and one at Oakview Elementary School. Their mom talked to them about this and it was their choice to do so. I would have gone myself, but it’s something the kids needed to do by themselves. That’s my two cents worth.

Lori Paulin: Dumbest thing I have heard all day! It isn’t a memorial it is much more than that and I would bet more than half the kids don’t even know what they are walking out for!

Laura Perry: This is dumb! If they want change they should meet after school for an assembly and talk about what positive changes they can make at school and do team building exercises to bring students together. I find this all so showy and political. 100 bucks there’s kids outside in that group that are getting bullied as we speak!

Emily Redelberger: Fairmont sent a letter home stating they were supporting the “walk out” as a remembrance to the students that lost their lives. Students could go if they wished. They held it in the courtyard so the students were all still enclosed in the school. Kudos to Kettering schools for supporting this!

Bob Shadowens: Solves absolutely nothing. Law enforcement on the Federal, State, and local level was responsible for the tragedy in Florida. Not guns. These kids are being exploited and that is a shame.

Jon Jones: Cue all the conservative “adults” saying these kids don’t know what they are talking about. Sure some can’t drive or vote. But they’ve had enough, and if nothing happens I can guarantee “change” will come when they are old enough to do something about it.

Denise Smith-Karg: So proud of today’s youth. Standing up for justice when all the adults have let them down. They give me hope for the future!

John Belluardo: We need to end the insane practice of gun free slaughter zones and provide security for our most important asset our kids.

Emily Culbertson: This is why they are doing it, because you are showing them off. Put your cameras away and stop giving them attention. They aren’t leaving to protest they are leaving because they can without penalty. I think it’s funny how kids are over-running the schools. If you don’t see the problem with all of this you are part of the problem.

Troy Cultice: Should have locked the doors and not let them reenter, disruptive unsafe behavior and violation of security protocols should not be tolerated. If they can come and go as they please then they obviously have a security problem. If teachers organized this and violated security protocols they should be canned.

Jean Hoover: These kids have a right to protest, but need to do it when school is not in session. They are there to learn and to listen. Plenty of time to protest outside of school hours…

Leslie Bickett: If we did something like that we would all have been disciplined. We are way too soft in this country.

Lindsey Errlman: I wish I could be there today to stand beside you in solidarity. Respect all the way.

Brian Tontrup: Walking out to protest inanimate objects. Instead of protesting bullying, inaction on mental illness, or inaction of officials that have allowed all these shootings to happen. Way to go, kids. You’re well on your way to becoming liberals. Next you need to protest freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and voting rights.

Katie Berkshire McNulty: What are you even talking about? They are not protesting an inanimate object; they are making a statement about how they want stricter (reasonable!) laws on said inanimate object … which, by the way, has caused the loss of countless innocent lives in a place where these lives should be safe and protected. It’s a peaceful and powerful statement. Why you so mad about it? No one is going to take your gun away. Relax.

Brittany Nicole: I guess they should have spent their time whining on facebook and insulting people half their age? If a little peaceful, constitutional protest & memorial bothers you this much, you need to re-read the constitution and do some reflecting.

Evan Barnes: If you really think missing a day of gym or AP bio is more damage and wasteful to these kids, rather than them standing up for a major issues they face in their lifetime, then you are missing the point.

Lee Joshua: Lol, gun control even has these brainwashed kids helping out. What about the real wars that going on out here? Like the food we eat and all the pills the give People? What about what’s really killing People? Dumb and dumber. Wake up people please.

Trish Ritchie: Awesome! Thank you for standing up and making your opinions known. That’s the way America is supposed to be and I’m so proud of you all. #neveragain

Deborah Petry Smith: I am proud of the kids who take a stand but there are many other ways to express their so-called walk out. First of all no law in this land will ever stop the bad people from obtaining a gun, whether it is legal or not they will get one if they are so intent of doing harm. Secondly, why not take these 17 mins EACH DAY to show compassion to those students who are bullied, ignored for whatever reason, expand your circle of friends and befriend someone who is not as lucky to have a friend. Stats show that the school shooters have either been shunned by students, teachers and even their families. I realize that this walk out is to bring gun awareness in schools but until we/students start opening our circle of “friends” and reach out to those in need, the shootings will not stop. Kids……please reach out to those troubled peeps of yours. Find out what is bothering them, find out more about those peeps, you may find new friendships along the way and at the same time, save some lives.

Richelle Taylor: I would have preferred to see our students observe 17 minutes of silence in observance of those killed. It would have allowed them to reflect of the situation and be respectful.

Jeane Kirkendall Reddicks: I applaud those students who participated. Participating in a cause is a learning experience for all. This was pre-planned and kudos to (the schools) for allowing their students to have a voice. Don’t know if my granddaughter participated, but I will support whatever decision she made.

Erin Ashley Dorn: Did anyone pay attention to what was going on? This was set up by the faculty and administrators. They were being thanked for being there. They didn’t walk out.

James Lucas Foutz: Does it matter if it was planned? The point is they did the right thing by exercising their constitutional rights and stood up, spoke out and made a point as thousands of other students as well as faculty and administrators did today nationally. I am proud of each and every one of them. Maybe finally something will be done on every level to try to decrease these incidents from happening. Many of these students will turn 18 this year or next and will be voting, I will guarantee you that!

Joel R. Simpson: Looks like there is a bunch of uneducated Republican hypocrites spewing sewage from their ill-informed mouths here … losers.

Mike Smith: Learned behavior from the government-run, union-controlled schools. Don’t do something about any problems yourself. Throw a temper tantrum and walk out. Just like the teachers do if they don’t get what they want.

Brad Lambert: You want change? Go back inside and learn how laws are actually changed and then do that. Run for office. Propose bills to current legislators. Don’t cut class and be seen on camera laughing and joking when you’re feigning anger and sorrow.

Dennis Osborn: Suspend them — they are using a tragedy for a free day outta class. Do it on your own time ….

Carolyn Stone Leaman: It’s a good way to have emotional closure.

Mary C. Downing: Proud of all of you, stay strong, you are our hope.

Charlie Galyon: Bet 90 pecent would fail a test about the constitution … every student that walked out should be suspended and not allowed to make up the work they missed for being truant.

Steven Russell: Good for them. Stand up and stand together.

Chris Phillips: 17 minutes

Marc Adams: Suspend them all!

Doug Picard: Good job, kids. Don’t listen to the dummy fearmongers.

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