FRESH IDEAS: The death of hand-written letters

From Aeon: "Fans of the personal letter are not satisfied with emails or texts because they want more than writing at a distance; they want handwriting at a distance. 'Basically: it's all about handwriting,' John O'Connell writes in 'For the Love of Letters' (2012).

“Wonderful email correspondences – such as ‘I’m Very Into You’ (2015) between the novelist Kathy Acker and the writer McKenzie Wark, or between the poet Max Ritvo and the playwright Sarah Ruhl – contradict this claim, but its hyperbole is important. Physicality feeds the letter’s distinct appeal.

MORE FRESH IDEAS: The thing with dreams

“Words on paper bring something that one person has touched to the touch of another; they metonymically figure the human body by transporting its combination of persistence and perishability.”

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