Ohio releases order to reopen adult daycare, senior centers on Sept. 21

The Ohio Department of Health has released an order on opening adult daycare services and senior centers.

The order will go into effect on Sept. 21 at 12:01 a.m.

Many of the requirements and recommendations are shared with other reopening plans – employees and members of the public should maintain six-foot social distancing, and all employees are required to wear face coverings, with exceptions for things like work settings where face coverings are prohibited by laws or regulations, or when the employee has health reasons for not wearing one.

The order does not require customers, patrons, visitors, contractors, vendors or other similar people to wear masks, but does require facilities allow them to do so.

The order includes a number of specific requirements and recommendations. We have included some below, followed by the full order at the bottom.


  • Facilities will limit capacity, including several factors such as case status in the surrounding community, case status at the facility, staffing levels, access to adequate testing, supplies of personal protective equipment and local hospital capacity
  • Facilities will use cohorting of participants, or breaking the large group of participants into smaller groups that will eat, travel and participate in activities and services together
  • Facilities will set up a holding area for staff of participants who have symptoms of the coronavirus until they can be transported away from the facility, after which point the area will be sanitized
  • All participants and staff will be pre-screened for coronavirus via telephone before each visit
  • Facilities will maintain a daily log that tracks the attendance of each participant, including phone number and address
  • Facilities will not offer field trips, excursions or large-group events


  • Facilities should limit the use of fans, though if its use is necessary it should blow away from participants
  • Facilities are encouraged to maintain virtual options for groups activities, such as through FaceTime, Skype and Zoom

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