New Springfield food truck opens with cheesecake, much more

A new Springfield food truck specializing in deep fried cheesecake, cheesecake nachos, chicken sandwiches and much more celebrated its grand opening on Friday.

Christy Williams, the owner of C Marie’s Sweet Seductions, said that she started cooking when she was younger - staying in the kitchen with her grandmother.

“I knew how to cook because it was like survival of the fittest. We had to make meals work in our family growing up as kids, so I was always the one that cooked for all of my cousins.”

As she got older, Williams said that she started cooking in her home, but stopped when her brother was killed.

“I lost my motivation," Williams said.

She explained that it wasn’t until her son asked her to make a dessert for him that her passion for cooking started coming back.

“My son asked me to make him a dessert one day and I tried the dessert," Williams said. "I don’t eat cheesecake. I ate the cheesecake and it was really good, so I started to deep fry cheesecakes.”

She began to deep fry other foods like bananas and brownies and her business started to grow.

“When I started back it resuscitated me and gave me life again," Williams said.

After she started selling her desserts, Williams explained that her customers started asking for more lunch and dinner food items, so she expanded her menu.

Williams added that when Popeyes came out with their chicken sandwich, she decided to make her own chicken sandwich.

“It’s amazing. I make my own sauce. It’s big," Williams said. “You get your money’s worth here.”

On Friday, her menu included chicken sandwiches, burgers, philly sandwiches, fries, strawberry cheesecake nachos, cakes, sweet potato parfaits, pudding, brownies and lemonade.

Williams said that she has had her food trailer since March 5, but just now “got the motivation to get it open.”

C Marie’s Sweet Seductions is currently located at 1412 S. Limestone St., next to her grandmother’s house.

Williams said she is looking for a truck to pull her food trailer, but hasn’t found one yet - so she is seeing how her food truck does on S. Limestone St.

In the future, Williams said she hopes to sell her food at fairs, festivals and around Springfield. She added that she plans to change her menu throughout the week and have chicken and fish dinners on Sundays and deep fried desserts on Tuesdays.

Williams said customers can expect “good food and a lot of it.”

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