New Mexico family's dog tests positive for drugs after walk in the park

Credit: Cre8tivebyDesign/Pixabay

Credit: Cre8tivebyDesign/Pixabay

A New Mexico family was shocked to learn their dog had tested positive for drugs after a routine trip to an Albuquerque park, KRQE reported.

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Bob Kellogg has been taking his dogs to Bullhead Park twice a week for 10 years, the television station reported. On March 29, Kellogg noticed something was wrong with Cheekah, his 10-year-old Pomeranian Chihuahua, after the dogs’ morning walk.

"(I) found vomit on the floor, she was moving and twitching and looking up as if she was seeing something and couldn't stay still," Kellogg told KRQE.

Kellogg and his wife took the dog to an emergency vet and were stunned by the diagnosis.

"He came back and he said, 'Oh my gosh, she is positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine and molly,' and we were shocked," Kellogg told the television station.

Cheekah spent 48 hours in the clinic before she was released, KRQE reported.

Veterinary surgeon Kendra Freeman said the drug situation in Albuquerque is “just frightening.”

"We do see a fair bit of marijuana ingestion, which is much more common than some of the methamphetamine that we do see," Freeman told KRQE. "But we see all of it unfortunately here.

"This is a risk and our drug situation is just frightening, very frightening.”

News about Cheekah originally appeared in a Reddit post last week.

Kellogg told KRQE he was mystified at how his pet came into contact with the drugs

"Was there something on the ground that she (picked) up? Or did she walk through something that was on the ground and she got it on her paw?" Kellogg said.

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