Youth football coaches' fight on field caught on video, sparks outrage

Parents in one Georgia community say their kids' football games were canceled Saturday after two coaches got into a fight on the field.

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WSB-TV's Alyssa Hyman was in South Fulton County, where an upset mom contacted WSB-TV after her son was sent home Saturday.

LaPorschia Brown said her son plays with the Old National Knights Team, which is run by the city of South Fulton Parks and Recreation Department.

Brown said Xavier's coach called her Saturday after she dropped him off to say he needed to be picked back up after the heated physical fight broke at Old National Park – between the adults.

"I get a call from one of his other coaches saying that I need to pick him up," Brown said. "It shut down an entire game. A couple of moms were really mad, like myself."

Brown said when she got to the park, police were at the scene, along with furious parents.

Video appears to show a group of adults shouting and shoving each other as the kids look on.

The league ended up canceling all the games for the day, and police shut down the park due to safety concerns.

Hyman spoke to police, who said the park ranger unit responded to reports of a dispute between parents and coaches. A spokesperson said no one was arrested since police couldn't determine who started the fight.

Brown said she is frustrated and disappointed and expected more from her son's coaches.

"I know my son looks up to them. He doesn't have a father in his life," Brown said. "I thought I was putting people in his life that were good for him, but apparently, I was wrong."

Brown said angry parents are one thing, but disappointed kids are another. She said kids travel in from other states for some of the games and practice for them at least three times a week.

"I just feel like that's sad because the boys look forward to this, you know?" Brown said. "Apologize to him. Don't apologize to me. He's the one that was hurt."

Hyman contacted the league commissioner, who sent the following statement:

"We are aware of the incident. Our city of South Fulton park rangers responded. We are working through the details of what transpired this afternoon. As we gather additional details, we will consider what additional steps may be taken. It is always our first priority ensure the safety of all of our patrons, citizens, youth and families."

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