89-year-old golfer sinks hole-in-one twice in same week

The odds of an average golfer scoring a single hole-in-one are about 12,500 to 1, according to the National Hole-In-One Registry.

Howard Freeman, an 89-year-old golfer, sank two in one week.

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"You never expect it," Freeman told WKYC. "There's a lot of luck to it, but sometimes you hit the perfect shot."

Freeman used a 5-wood on the eighth hole to get his first hole-in-one May 16. A couple of days later, he used a driver and sank the ball 150 yards away on the third hole.

"On eight, the ball hit on the front edge of the green and rolled about 8 to 10 yards," Freeman, recalling the feat, told the Akron Beacon Journal. "On the third hole, the ball hit on the edge of the green, rolled a little bit to the right and fell in the hole."

Freeman, a 35-year member at Wooster Country Club, started golfing in 1941 when he first became a caddy, WKYC reported.

He has hit two other aces. His first was in 1985. He did it again the next year. All have been at Wooster Country Club.

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