Woman says someone stole the doors from her SUV

A 69-year-old woman had a surprise when she was heading out for bowling Tuesday morning.

Someone stole the doors from her SUV, a 2015 Nissan Rogue, WRC reported. The car was parked next to her Washington, D.C., condo.

Whoever did it broke a passenger's side window, dismantled the car alarm, and took both driver's side doors and an inside trunk panel, WRC reported.

Barbara Byrd said she first saw the broken window and said, “Oh no.”

On top of her doors being taken, her handicapped parking permit was also gone.

Byrd is using a rental until her Rogue is fixed. She told WRC that she has insurance.

But she had a message for the person who took her doors.

"I hope the police catch them and God gets them," Byrd told WRC.

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