Woman says dogs saved her life when she was attacked by 3 men

A woman was brutally stabbed while walking her dogs in Sheraden on Thusday night.

Melissa Noftz showed us the nearly 100 stiches in her hand, arm and stomach.

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Noftz said she was walking her two dogs, Jinx and Bella, when someone stepped out from an alley.

"He's, like, 'Give me everything in your pockets.' I didn't even have anything. I didn't even have a dime," Noftz said. "He didn't want to hear it. That's when he pulled the knife out. He got my arm first because he clocked me in the face."

Noftz said three men were attempting to rob her. She was stabbed in the stomach, then tried to grab the knife. Her hand was sliced open.

Noftz said her instinct was to drop the dogs' leashes. Jinx and Bella clamped onto the men long enough for her to run.

"I just started running towards the house, and I just kept calling them and calling them," Noftz said. "I just thought they were hurt."

Noftz collapsed on her front porch. The dogs returned home to her side. Bella's paws were bloody.

"They did good. They definitely did good," Noftz said.

Police said the three men are still out there. Noftz said the one with the knife had two distinct characteristics.

"He had a big tattoo across his chest and a fingerprint-size brown mark near his eye," Noftz said.

As for Jinx and Bella, "I feel like they don't even know what happened. They're, like, 'Hey, mom, you're home!'"

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