Woman crafts American flag wall from 7,700 pennies

A Michigan woman crafted an American flag as a centerpiece for her living room from 7,700 pennies.

It has 13 stripes, a blue box for 50 stars and was created using thousands of oxidized copper coins, MLive reported.

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"We were in need of a fireproof barrier for behind our wood stove, and stone just didn't fit into our budget," the woman behind the centerpiece, Kayla Dominique, told MLive.

Dominique started building the centerpiece in the basement but soon affixed it to the wall in the living room before it was too cumbersome to move.

She said it is popular with family and friends who are trying to replicate similar projects.

"It never was intended to be a piece of art. It just turned into that," Dominique told MLive. "It just makes us happy to look at it. It's a centerpiece of our living room, so we want to make it something cool."

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