Wild video shows driver drag officer with car during traffic stop

Body camera video shows the intense moment a driver dragged a police officer with a car in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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The encounter happened just before 2 a.m. Monday when the police officer, who was monitoring traffic at the intersection of West Pike and Perry streets, stopped a driver for running a stop sign.

The following exchange between the officer and the driver was captured on the officer's body camera.

Driver: I stopped.

Officer: Bro, you didn't stop. I got it on camera.

Driver: OK.

Officer: How much have you had to smoke tonight?

In the body cam video, the driver denied any drug use, but police said the officer suspected the driver had drugs in his silver Honda. The officer commanded the driver to turn off the car.

It's clear the officer had no idea what would happen next.

Officer: Cut the car off!

Driver: I'm trying to.

Officer: Turn the car off! ..... Signal 80, He (dragged) me … ahhhh. Ugh!

Police said that when the driver sped away, he took a piece of the officer's uniform with him.

The car dragged the officer down the street.

The officer survived, and the driver stayed on the run for nearly 24 hours.

"We then reached out to the family to encourage him to turn himself in," Sgt. Chris Ralston said.

On Tuesday morning, James Grant Hoyle went to the Gwinnett County Jail and turned himself in.

Police said Hoyle had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation related to a previous traffic incident.

Now, as Hoyle prepares to face a judge, the officer continues to recover.

"It's scary looking at one of our officers being dragged. It's a helpless feeling," Ralston said.

Hoyle now faces a number of charges, including fleeing a police officer.

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