Who is the whistleblower? NY Times says he is CIA

Credit: AP Photo/Wayne Partlow

Credit: AP Photo/Wayne Partlow

The person who filed a whistleblower complaint detailing President Donald Trump's efforts to persuade the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, is a CIA officer who had been detailed to the White House, The New York Times is reporting.

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According to the story posted Thursday, The Times reports:

  • The whistleblower is most likely an analyst by training due to the way the complaint was structured.
  • He appears to have detailed knowledge of American foreign policy toward Europe, the story says, "demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of Ukrainian politics and at least some knowledge of the law."
  • He did not listen directly to a July call between Trump and Zelensky, the story says.
  • His lawyers, who have been in touch with members of the House, have not confirmed any information about him.
  • Attorneys for the whistleblower cautioned The Times about identifying him in any way.
  • "Any decision to report any perceived identifying information of the whistle-blower is deeply concerning and reckless, as it can place the individual in harm's way," said Andrew Bakaj, his lead counsel. "The whistle-blower has a right to anonymity."
  • According to the complaint filed about the call, the man "did not work on the communications team that handles calls with foreign leaders" but learned of the call "in the course of official interagency business."
  • The whistleblower is back working at the CIA.

The revelation of the phone call between Trump and Zelensky led Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to formally open an impeachment inquiry into Trump’s actions. The whistleblower’s complaint was declassified and released to the public on Thursday.

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