Wheelchair-bound woman falls into massive pothole in New Orleans street

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A massive pothole in a New Orleans street injured a disabled woman in her 70s after she tipped over in her wheelchair, falling into a water-filled hole.

Neighbors awoke Dec. 25, 2019, to find the injured woman in need of help, WWL reported. She was helped out of the hole and treated by emergency responders.

The pothole was fixed the following day, but neighbors along the stretch of road, which is covered in a patchwork of asphalt, say that the problem lies below the surface.

"The crew that came and fixed it last night said there has to be a leak somewhere. He said, 'But we're not (the) Sewerage and Water Board, we're a company they hired,'" Paula Scott told WWL. "Listen, I just want y'all to come and fix this. That's all I'm saying."

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