WATCH: Squirrel jumps on delivery man

A Chicagoan’s Ring app caught an unexpectedly friendly moment on Wednesday when a squirrel jumped onto the back of a UPS driver as he made a delivery.

Amanda Atkins, who lives in Lincoln Square, said she was having dental work done when she received a notification on her phone informing her someone had pressed the doorbell of her home.

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When Atkins looked at the phone, she could not believe from eyes: at her front door was a UPS driver with a squirrel on his back. The squirrel had jumped from her fence onto the man’s shoulder.

“What made it hilarious was how calm our UPS guy was,” she said.

The next day the same UPS driver, Oscar Luciano, stopped by Atkins’ house with another delivery. When he arrived, Atkins told him that her security camera had captured the moment on video and asked if she could send it to him. Luciano said yes.

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“I was just there bobbing my head jamming to music, and all of a sudden I felt a tug. It startled me,” Luciano said. “The only thing that went through my mind is, my wife would never believe what just happened to me.”

“I felt like Snow White with all her animal friends,” he added.

Atkins said she is not a “big Facebook user” and hardly ever posts videos. But after watching Luciano and the squirrel, she decided to upload the friendly exchange to the social media platform. “Honestly, I just feel like there’s so much negativity,” she said. “I wanted people to see how positive [Luciano] is.”