WATCH: Couple shares heartbreaking video warning pet owners after chewing gum kills dog

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As one family mourns the loss of a beloved pet, they are hopeful their heartbreaking experience might save other dog owners some unexpected sorrow.

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Cori and Kris Clark lost 6-year-old Isa one week ago after the wire-haired pointer ate half a container of chewing gum left in a vehicle console, WTVT reported.

“Most of you are aware that we lost our sweet Isa last night. We had to make the hardest decision and our hearts are extremely heartbroken," the couple wrote on Facebook, adding, “Not only did we lose an amazing dog but we lost a part of our family.”

Although the family rushed Isa to an emergency veterinarian upon realizing the problem, she succumbed quickly to seizures and liver failure brought on by the ingestion of Xylitol, KTRK reported.

Because Xylitol is a strong stimulator of insulin release, the ingredient is lethal for dogs even in small amounts, KTRK reported.

"I had a lady message me yesterday to tell me that our post saved her dog's life," Cori Clark told WTVT, adding, "We just want people to be aware."

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