WATCH: Bicyclist shot on ride, riding clubs fear targeting

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

WATCH: Bicyclist shot during group ride

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Video captured the moment a man was shot in the back while biking with a group in New Orleans. The cycling group was recording their ride after several other incidents where bicyclists had been shot with paintballs in the same area.

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The victim, Christopher Weiss, said he was riding in New Orleans along with other members of a cycling club when he felt a sharp pain in his back, CBS affiliate WWL-TV reports.

Weiss told the station he first thought he was hit with a paintball, something several other members of the riding club have experienced over the last few months.

“I reached back expecting to feel my hand come away with paint and then there was no paint,” Weiss said. “Then what went through my head was ‘OK, I’ve been shot, but it was something worse than a paintball.”

Weiss was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Police first told him he was shot by a either a BB or a pellet, but now say the shot came from a handgun.

“The bullet is still in my back,” Weiss said from his hospital bed. “It came really close to hitting my spine, which would have been a very different story.”

The incident was captured on camera by a fellow bicyclist, Reed Case, who told WWL-TV he started riding with a camera after he was shot with paintballs.

“Some other friends had the same thing happen to them,” Case said. “So it kind of inspired me to buy this to have a recording, maybe get a license plate for incidents like this."

The station reports no arrests have been made, and Weiss said he worries how far these acts of violence will escalate.

"What's the end game, where does this stop?” Weiss asked. “Do people all of a sudden start popping out with shotguns?"

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