Utility workers rescue puppies ‘thrown out like trash’ inside dumpster

Three puppies are safe and recovering after they were found inside a Georgia dumpster Tuesday in the freezing rain.

Two Georgia Power linemen found the puppies while out on a job.

"They were covered in filth, their ribs protruding around their bloated bellies, and frightened beyond belief," the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia said in a Facebook post. "Today the phrase 'thrown out like trash' was taken to the next level in the worst way."

The agency is asking for donations to help get the puppies the care they need and eventually find a forever home for them.

“These puppies have gone through enough terror in their short lives,” the agency said in its Facebook post.

The Humane Society also praised the linemen.

“A heartfelt thank you to the Georgia Power linemen for saving these little souls. If it wasn’t for you, these puppies would’ve never had a chance!”

If you would like to donate to the Human Society of Northeast Georgia, CLICK HERE

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