Toddler loses part of small intestine, colon after swallowing magnets

A toddler in Denver is recuperating from emergency surgery to remove part of his small intestine and colon after doctors said he swallowed magnets.

Izador Lawyer started throwing up two weeks ago. His mother Alistair Lawyer said her family had just gotten over the stomach flu and thought it was another illness, until her 2-year-old son started throwing up blood, KCNC reported.

Doctors at their local emergency room looked at the X-rays taken of the toddler and saw two magnets stuck together in his bowel.

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Lawyer said they came from a succulent garden made of wine corks that hung on the refrigerator using magnets. She said two extra magnets for the garden slipped down the fridge, according to KCNC.

The magnets caused four holes in his bowel, Dr. Sarah Lai told the television station.

She repaired one hole in Izzy's small intestine. She also had to remove part of his small intestine and part of his colon, KCNC reported.

Lai said she expects him to be fine.

And this isn't the first case of a child swallowing a magnet that she has worked on recently. She says she has already treated three cases this year.

The Lawyer family is now telling parents to get rid of the small magnets, so what happened to Izzy isn't repeated, KCNC reported.

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