7 things to know now: Dem. email hack expands; Trump Tower climber; NFL returns

Here's a roundup of news trending across the nation and world today.

What to know now:

1. Hack is more widespread: The New York Times reported Wednesday that the cyberattack that targeted members of the Democratic National Committee was more widespread than first believed. Democratic officials have reportedly been told by investigators  that the hack involved private email accounts of more than 100 officials and groups. The Times also reported that the Democratic Governors' Association may have been hacked, and that there is a fear another batch of internal messages could be made public soon.

2. If you ever wanted to be a fighter pilot: The U.S. Air Force says it's having a hard time finding pilots to fly its fighter jets. According to Air Force officials they are trying to fill a shortage of 700 pilots by the end of the year.  "It is a crisis," said Gen. David Goldfein. "Air superiority is not an American birthright. It's actually something you have to fight for and maintain."

3. Women's gymnastics and more: The stage is set for gymnast Simone Biles to shine Thursday at the Olympics in Rio as the women's individual all-around competition begins. Also on tap is the return of golf to the Olympic Games. The first round will be played on Thursday. Golf is back at the Olympics after a more than 100-year absence. In the pool, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are set to swim the 200-meter individual medley.

4. Meteor shower: The Perseids meteor shower will be putting on a particularly good show Thursday, scientists say. You'll see more action from the annual meteor shower as the Earth passes through the tail of comet Swift-Tuttle. Try to find an area away from city lights for the best view, you don't need a telescope for this one.

5. Climbing the tower: A man used suction cups as he tried to scale the Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan Wednesday, before police officers broke out windows and dragged him inside. The 20-year-old said he was climbing the 58-floor building to meet personally with Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. Trump was at a campaign event out of state, but tweeted his congratulations to the New York Police Department for "protecting the people and saving the climber."

And one more

Are you ready for some football? Guess what? The NFL season (OK, the pre-season) gets underway Thursday. There are six games scheduled, each starting at 7 p.m. ET. If you enjoy watching Tom Brady play, then you'll want to tune into the Patriots-Saints match up. Brady will likely have playing time in this pre-season contest, but come the start of the regular season he will be on the bench for four games.

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