'That felt kind of creepy:' Florida man finds snake stuck in dryer

A Winter Park, Florida, resident found a slithery surprise as he tried to fix a clothes dryer that had stopped working.

Bruce Wiley said he was disassembling the dryer when he reached into the lint exhaust and felt something moving.

"I reached up into the tube and felt something move away from my hand and thought, ‘Wow, that felt kind of creepy.' I wasn't sure what I would find when I took the cover off," Wiley said.

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Wiley said when he saw the snake, it appeared to have suffered some injuries.

"I moved the blades of the exhaust fan back and forth a bit as I slowly pulled the snake from the dryer with my hands. It wasn't too happy and tried to get away, but it was stuck," Wiley said. "It took a minute or so to free it."

Wiley said he believes the snake slithered into the dryer's exhaust vent on the outside of his house. The vent has a flap to prevent things from crawling in but it was stuck open.

"I set it down outside and it raced across the backyard and into some bushes," he said.

As for the stuck vent flap? Wiley said, "That has been repaired!"

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