SUV almost hits tow truck driver, flies through air after hitting tow truck

Credit: kozmoat98/Getty Images

Credit: kozmoat98/Getty Images

A tow truck driver had a close call when responding to a vehicle that needed to be removed from a highway Monday afternoon.

Dawson Voorhis was nearly hit by an SUV that was speeding past his tow truck, WXYZ reported.

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The SUV missed Voorhis by about 2 feet, but it didn't miss the tow truck itself, hitting the truck's bed, which sent it flying and tumbling through the air.


No one was hurt, not even the SUV's driver.

Voorhis was startled, but then quickly rushed over to the SUV to make sure the man was OK.

"I yelled, 'Are you OK? Get out of the vehicle,' basically because what the vehicle shape was, if it was smoking underneath, if it was going to catch fire. He got out and told me, 'I'm looking for my phone.' He was perfectly fine. I didn't see any injuries," Voorhis told WXYZ.

The driver told police he was looking at the radio when he hit the truck, WXYZ reported. The driver has been ticketed for careless driving.

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