Stolen guide dog returned to man who is blind

A blind man from outside Chicago says someone had stolen his guide dog, but after pleading for the return of Lucca he and his owner, Kevin Coachman, have been reunited.

Coachman said someone had taken his K-9 companion from his backyard in Harvey, Illinois, on Tuesday, WLS reported.

They had gotten back from errands when Lucca was taken as Coachman went inside his home to get the dog some food and water.

The 58-year-old man was blinded after being shot during a carjacking a few years ago and Lucca had been Coachman's guide dog for about three months after they were brought together by the Seeing Eye Foundation, WLS reported.

Coachman pleaded to get the dog back on Friday. Saturday, those requests were fulfilled when a teen returned the dog to his owner, WLS reported.

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