Squirrel asks woman to help injured baby, tugs on pant leg to get attention

Wild animals don't usually ask people for help, but when it came to getting aid for an injured baby, a mother squirrel stopped at nothing.

Tia Powell was walking in a park in Pulaski, Virginia, when a squirrel came up to her, not leaving Powell alone, CBS News reported.

When the squirrel starting pulling on Powell's pant leg, she realized it needed help. Powell discovered it wasn't the adult squirrel who needed to be rescued, it was the animal's injured baby, WSLS reported.

"I was shocked and speechless and excited because it had never happened before," she told CBS News. "I felt bad because I pushed it away the first time instead of just waiting to see. My children and I love animals, so to see it hurt and the mom couldn't help was sad."

When she finally followed the squirrel, she noticed the baby had an injured leg, WSLS reported.

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Powell first moved the injured animal off the walking path, but that wasn't enough for mama squirrel.

"I noticed that they were following me the whole time. The baby was struggling to walk and the mom kept on going ahead then coming back," Powell told CBS News.

She fed the animals some of her sandwich and the animals tried to get into a nearby tree, but the baby was still having trouble. Powell then decided to call in some backup.

First, she contacted a friend, then the local Humane Society, and eventually the Pulaski Police Department, who came to help.

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The department posted the video of part of the encounter on Facebook.

Both squirrels were returned to their tree with the help of Powell and her friend, WSLS reported.

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