Sixth-grader from Mississippi scores 27 on ACT

A sixth-grader from Mississippi can start looking through college catalogs.

Kristen Rhodes, 12, from Canton, scored 27 the first time she took the ACT, WAPT reported. A perfect score for the ACT is 36, the television station reported.

Rhodes, who attends Huey Porter Middle School, initially was not impressed with her score.

"Well, I thought, 'That's kind of low,'" Rhodes told WLBT. "But then my parents reminded me that people who were 18 were supposed to be taking this, and I'm 12."

Rhodes said she is studying so she can earn a higher score the next time she takes the ACT.

Rhodes' parents were stunned by the score.

"My husband opened it first, and he told me the score, and I didn't believe him," Cheleta Rhodes told WLBT. "I expected her to do well, but not that well."

Kristen Rhodes had some simple advice for students taking the ACT.

Rhodes shared her advice for other students aiming for a high score on the test.

"Well, just do your best, because even if you don't make high, at least you know you tried, therefore you can be proud of that score," she told WAPT.

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