Servers receive $2,020 as part of 2020 Tip Challenge

A server at a Michigan restaurant was shocked to become a recipient of the 2020 Tip Challenge, where customers leave a $20.20 tip -- or in this case, $2,020.

"Things like this don't happen to people like me," Danielle Franzoni, a server at Thunder Bay River Restaurant, told The Alpena News.

Franzoni, who moved to Alpena, Michigan, to start over and get sober, received the tip Sunday on a $23 bill, CNN reported.

Franzoni is a single mother about to move into her first house. She plans to use some of the money to get back her driver's license, The Alpena News reported.

"I'm going to build a future because of this. My kids have a future and I have a home," Franzoni told WXYZ. "It's a big deal. It's a really big deal."

Franzoni went to a restaurant later that night and left a tip -- $20.20.

"That was my pay it forward," Franzoni told The Alpena News. "I couldn't do the other one."

Donnie Wahlberg also took up the challenge, leaving a $2,020 tip for a server at a St. Charles, Illinois, IHOP on New Year's Day, WGN reported. The bill was $78.

His wife, Jenny McCarthy, shared a photo of the receipt on social media.

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