Semitruck crashes into Pennsylvania house

Credit: Jayson Wagner via AP

Credit: Jayson Wagner via AP

A semitruck crashed into a Pennsylvania house after jumping a curb on a foggy Saturday morning, police said.

The truck driver said he was going about 20 mph when the accident occurred around 6:30 a.m. but had limited visibility because of the dense fog, WFMZ reported.

"I just couldn't believe it," homeowner Joseph Diberardino told WFMZ. "(There was a) big bang. The whole house shook. I looked out the window to see what happened, and there he was."

The stretch of road is a frequent site of accidents, even in good weather. Houses along the road have large boulders in front as a buffer from traffic.

"This is probably the worst one I've seen on this turn. We've had cars come in, flip around the corner here, but never seen one go straight across like this, do that much damage," Quakertown Fire Chief Brian Guenst told WFMZ.

Diberardino’s house and an adjoining structure were damaged. The family who lives in the other home is out of town.

There were no injuries.

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