School surveillance video shows student convulsing after vaping drug-laced liquid

A school security camera video obtained by WSB-TV shows a student going into convulsions near a school cafeteria after investigators say she vaped a liquid containing synthetic drugs.

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Police said it was one of several overdoses this year at Pike County High School in Georgia due to students vaping a liquid additive that contains synthetic drugs.

"It appeared to be a seizure that lasted seven or eight minutes. One principal who was standing there said it was one of the worst things he has witnessed as a principal," said Pickens County Sheriff Donnie Craig.

The female student was transported to a Jasper hospital and has recovered.

"They're having trouble breathing, losing consciousness. Their blood pressure is going through the roof. This is a Schedule 1 drug these kids use. It's more dangerous than meth," said Pickens County Sheriff's Detective Matt Rice.

Investigators said some of the students purchased the drugs from local stores. Agents raided a smoke shop and several convenience stores and seized hundreds of products they believe are laced with synthetic drugs.

But that hasn't deterred some users.

"Unfortunately, they're going out of town, and they're finding it in other communities," Craig said.

Some lawmakers are comparing vaping products containing synthetics drugs to the synthetic marijuana crisis in Georgia, exposed by WSB-TV nearly 10 years ago.

"I don’t think it's a looming menace. It's a menace. We are in it right now. Look at the number of people sent to the hospital. And there's one that we don't know about for sure," said state Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-11th District.

Jasperse said he will meet with the sheriff, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and other leaders to decide if new legislation is needed to combat the sale and use of synthetic drug vaping products, especially to minors.

"The folks who are selling this bad stuff to our kids, they're smart. They're chemists. And they just keep moving, changing the goalposts. If we need to make a law, do something administratively, we'll do it," Jasperse said.

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