Report: McDonald’s to test Archburgers in selected markets

McDonald’s is taking on chains that use fresh beef in their burgers.

The fast-food giant is rolling out the Archburger at a handful of locations in the U.S., USA Today reported.

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The company announced that it would be switching its popular Quarter Pounder to fresh beef sometime in 2018.

McDonald’s already says it uses 100 percent pure beef in all of its burgers.

The Archburger comes with cheese, pickle, onion and Arch Sauce, and costs $2.19. The Archburger L&T adds lettuce and tomato, and costs $2.69. The Bacon Archburger is $2.89. All three are currently being sold in at least two restaurants -- one in Plano, Texas and one outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Today reported.

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