Pot-bellied pig tortured, spray-painted blue in Kentucky

Kentucky may be known as the Bluegrass State, but some people in the northeastern part of the state took the color scheme a bit too far.

A pot-bellied pig was tortured and spray-painted blue in the city of Grayson, WBKO reported. The animal had been left behind by its former owner and then was tortured by several area residents, according to a Facebook post Saturday by Tara Collins Gallion.

"Owners moved and left her and now she wanders the roads. To be tortured by the stupid locals. They throw things at her and now decided to spray paint her!! If it soaks into her bloodstream she will die! They even sprayed her eyes, so she may be blind," Gallion wrote.

The post gained thousands of likes and shares, and the pig, now named Eden, was rescued, WBKO reported.

Gallion wrote an update later Saturday on Facebook, saying the pig had been rescued and was safe, the Courier-Journal reported.

A farmer in Grayson rescued the pig and decided to keep it, the newspaper reported.

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