Police, store workers 'guard' Blue Bell Ice Cream

Police in Texas are making sure the ice cream supply is safe after a case of a viral video showing a teen licking a container of Blue Bell Ice Cream is followed by copycat food contaminators.

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Officers in Keller, Texas, posted a tongue-in-cheek post of them guarding ice cream at a grocery store, KTXS reported.

The Facebook post included the hashtag #NotOnOurWatch.

A Corpus Christi, Texas, Walmart also posted a photo of one of its employees "guarding" the freezers with a squirt gun to prevent others from taking a taste of ice cream, KTRK reported.

The original video was that of a teen in San Antonio, who was recorded licking ice cream from a container then put the carton back on a store shelf for an unsuspecting buyer to purchase, CNN reported.

The teen's identity has not been released due to her age. Police do not plan to consider her an adult and press charges and are leaving that decision to the juvenile justice system, CNN reported


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