Police search for Oklahoma woman accused of raping, torturing another woman over missing $180

Police in Oklahoma are looking for a woman wanted in connection with the alleged kidnapping and torture of another woman in east Tulsa.

Documents say the incident happened in Sept. 7 when the victim went to Laura Palmer's house near 17th and Memorial.

While there, the victim said Palmer accused her of stealing $180 and told her she wasn't allowed to leave until she returned the money, according to Tulsa police.

Over the course of the next two days, the documents said Palmer and two men reportedly each raped the victim multiple times, held her at gunpoint, beat her, used a knife to cut her head and then poured acid into the wound, and also used a power drill on her all in an attempt to get information about where the money was.

The victim called police after escaping on Sept. 9, authorities said.

Police said the victim told them she never took any money.

Police served a search warrant on the suspect's apartment, where they said they found the gun and power drill suspected in the torture.

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