Police search for man who attacked deli worker over bagel order

Credit: Layland Masuda/Shutterstock

Credit: Layland Masuda/Shutterstock

The New York Police Department is on the lookout for a man who attacked a deli worker who wasn’t preparing his order fast enough.

The video of the Sunday morning rampage was just released.

Police said the man, who the worker said was drunk, threw food and other items at him all because the worker didn't make his bagel - a cinnamon toasted raisin bagel with bacon, egg and cheese, fast enough to his liking, WABC reported.

You can hear the man yell, very specifically, about his order.

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Another worker at the deli said the victim told the man the order would be made in a few minutes.

"He told him, 'You have to wait like five to 10 minutes. I will make your sandwich, but you have to wait five to10 minutes.' But the guy was angry," Ankur Patel told News 12 Brooklyn.

The worker was bruised and had some swelling after the attack, WABC reported.

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