Police say man shot service dog protecting its owner during alleged attack

A service dog is recovering after being shot while protecting her owner who was allegedly being assaulted, police said.

Police said Mardrecuis Williams got into a fight with a person at a motel in Platte County, Missouri.

Williams and the other person were asked to leave, KSHB reported.

However, Williams returned to the business twice, and knocked on the alleged victim's door, police said. Police said Williams threatened to kill the person. As the woman, her brother and her boyfriend were checking out of the motel, police said Williams approached them, with another person coming out from behind a dumpster to attack them, KSHB reported.

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Police said the dog, Lolly, a 3-year-old border collie, attacked Williams, who, according to law enforcement paperwork, shot the dog, KSHB reported.

The dog was a service animal for the female victim, who has a condition that causes joint pain, dizziness and panic attacks.

Lolly had to have surgery close the gunshot wound and repair a ruptured spleen. She also had other injuries, KSHB reported.

Her owner, the woman’s brother and her boyfriend  were also injured in the attack, police said.

Williams has been charged with three counts of second-degree assault causing substantial injury to a service dog, among other charges, police said.

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