Police: Man's aborted robbery attempt was to raise money for daughter's kidney transplant

Police officials in Philadelphia are scratching their heads after a man attempted to rob a store but stopped in mid-theft because the money he was taking would not cover the cost of his daughter's kidney transplant.

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A woman working at the 1 Stop Smoke Shop said a man approached her with a handgun, KYW reported.

She said the man grabbed at least several hundred dollars, but stopped and decided against it, the television station reported. The woman told police the man said his heist would not be enough to help pay for his daughter's kidney transplant, according to KYW.

The store employee said the man became friendly and left the building without the money and without harming anyone, the television station reported.

Even though he left empty-handed, the man could still be in trouble with the police.

"I don't know what he's referring to, don't know if he has a daughter who has some sort of medical need, but he still is in violation of the law for committing a robbery even though he didn't walk away with anything," Philadelphia police Capt. Sekou Kinebrew told KYW.

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