Original 'Strawberry Fields' opens to the public, Beatles fans for first time

Beatles fans are able to make a journey to a place immortalized in song -- Strawberry Fields.

The Salvation Army gardens that were the inspiration for The Beatles' hit "Strawberry Fields Forever" will open to the public on Saturday, the BBC reported.

There will also be a visitor's center, cafe and gift shop.

An interactive exhibit on John Lennon's early years, as well as the Fab Four, will also be open to visitors.

The location will also feature a youth center, the BBC reported.

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When Lennon was young, he would jump over the wall of the former children's home in Woolton, Liverpool, to find sanctuary.

Until this weekend, fans were only able to get a glimpse of the gardens through a closed gate.

A Salvation Army spokesperson told the BBC, "John Lennon found sanctuary here as a child and that's exactly what we want to offer by opening the Strawberry Field gates for good."

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