Ohio mom revokes bond, has 22-year-old son sent back to jail

An Ohio woman who posted bond for her son in October wants her money back and the 22-year-old man back in jail.

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Heather Robinson, of Massillon, posted a $2,525 bond for her son, Travis Cottrell, of Massillon, after he was arrested and accused of involuntary manslaughter, The Daily Record reported. According to court records, Cottrell is accused of selling drugs to a Wooster man who died of an overdose in February 2018. Cottrell was indicted on five felony counts, and Robinon posted the bond four days later.

Robinson filed a motion June 14 in the Common Pleas Court of Wayne County, asking for the bond to be revoked and requesting Cottreel be sent back to the Wayne County Jail, The Daily Record reported.

“Travis told me he would obtain employment and treatment for his addiction,” Robinson wrote in her motion. “I posted this (bond) because I believed he would. It’s been 8 months now and he has not attempted to even find a job and is still using.”

“I want him out of my house. He is mentally and physically abusive to me and is not going to change, I no longer want to be responsible for him.”

Cottrell denied hitting his mother, according to The Daily Record.

However, Judge Corey Spittler, who originally set the bond for Cottrell in October, said he believed Robinson was "tired of putting up with you."

"Whether you put your hands on her or not ... part of the issue is you told her you were going to get a job, and you didn't get a job," Spittler said in court, according to The Daily Record. "It's been eight months. And I don't think she likes, probably, your attitude around the house.

“And she doesn’t want to be responsible for you showing up (to court),” Spitler added. “You can’t get a job, you can’t do the things she’s asked you to do, so she doesn’t want to be responsible for your appearance in court.”

Cottrell's case will now move to a pretrial hearing, according to The Daily Record.

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